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Browse our selection of beautifully handcrafted cornices, celling roses and panelling below.


The Art of Plasterware: Decorative Interiors

Browse our selection of cornice's, ceiling roses and panelling as well as our restoration services below.


Browse our selection of beautifully handcrafted cornices. Made with the finest, traditional materials including fine Casting Plaster, Jute Scrim and Wood Laths, all our cornices are made to the highest standard. Contact us today to find out more about how our cornices can transform your space, alternatively, you can visit our Lincoln workshop to view our wide selection of cornices.

P = Projection on the Ceiling
D = Drop on the wall 
All cornices are supplied in 3 metre lengths

Fixing plasterware


At Decorative Interiors, we also fix and replace broken and damaged Plasterware. With hundreds of designs available, we can also outsource designs from our trusted suppliers to ensure you leave with a replica Plasterware that fits seamlessly into your current design.

Contact us today to arrange a consultation to get your broken or damaged Plasterware back to looking its best. Here at Decorative Interiors, we will try to and fix any Plasterware designs you have and if necessary, we can reproduce antique patterns and repair damage.


Ceiling Roses

Add a beautiful ornate ceiling rose to your room to transform the space. All our celling roses are expertly crafted to ensure each piece looks professional and makes a statement. 
Ceiling Roses can be used to highlight lighting fixtures to a room and draws attention to the ceiling. Make everyone look up and contact Decorative Interiors today and arrange a consultation to install a ceiling rose in your home.

Browse our selection of ceiling roses below and get in touch to arrange a Ceiling Rose consultation. Contact us or visit our Lincoln workshop to view our wide selection of Ceiling Roses
Prices start from £12.00



Installing panelling to your home can accentuate certain features providing a more ornate and focused look to your room. Usually, panelling is used to frame a mirror or picture, but can also be used on the wall against a light fixture or even on the ceiling its self.

Take a look at our selection of panelling below or get in touch to arrange a consultation. 
Our panels are made in 1.5 metre lengths
Prices start from £5 per length

Decorative Panelling

Transform your home with beautifully handcrafted Plasterware

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